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Testing new Gadget Bar…

Instrumental KING will be testing the Meebo Bar from April 14th through April 21st, replacing the red Wibiya Bar.

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The Meebo Bar is the next big thing. Datpiff.com uses it, so we decided why not give a shot. As you know technology gets old fast, and right now we feel this is the best thing out.


  • Enables chat within Instrumental KING! You may now share links directly from our site! Just login and share.
  • Drag-&-Drop feature which will make virtually anything on our page, shareable.
  • One-click sharing! If you want to share something, click the SHARE button on the bottom left of the bar.
  • Access to our Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and RSS pages!


Drag & Drop

For example, say you wanted to share a link.

  1. Click and hold a link, then start to slowly drag it.
  2. The screen will turn black, and on the top of the page you will see a couple of social sites and email to share the link at.
  3. You may drag-&-drop the content to those social sites, or you can drag it to the Meebo chat box, where you have an option to share through meebo, facebook chat, AIM, Google Talk or Windows Live!

Sharing Text
For example, say you wanted to share some text on our page.
  1. First you would highlight the text
  2. A Share button will pop up, Click it
  3. Choose how you want to share it!
Chances are that we will abandon the Wibiya toolbar if you like the new one! A poll will be put up shortly.
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