Dear fans,

So I know lots of people come here to download Instrumentals. But it looks like there’s a few of you who feel “offended” by the content on this site and report it. October is not even over yet, and I’ve already gotten 10 notifications from the DMCA about complaints they have received. That’s right, 10!!!

Well it turns out that not only does the Blogger’s DMCA get complaints, but 4Shared file hosting did too and because of the numbers, my account has been permanently banned!
Thanks guys, for being selfish and not letting me share the music with others (you know who you are). And that’s low.

Due to this unexpected ban, I am going to have work on rebuilding my database and to provide instrumentals again. I am slowly, going to rebuild based on link popularity. Right now Devil In A New Dress and Black & Yellow are really popular.
I hope to get this site fully ready by mid-November, but it all depends. If I get another ban, I am probably going to get a new domain or close down for good.

As for now, for all Facebook users, you can LIKE the Instrumental King Facebook Page and get updates from there. Or catch me on Exclusive Instrumentals.

In the KING we trust…All Hail The Instrumental King…Beats only royalty would have….



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